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FireGrip™ is a high quality, mount anywhere, fire extinguisher holder. FireGrip™ is designed to safely hold our product line of universal fire extinguishers.

FireGrip™ is precision machined from high quality aluminum to securely hold your fire extinguisher in any position. The quick locking mechanism allows you to quickly and easily secure or remove your extinguisher.

Our line of fire extinguishers can be sprayed directly into your motor. The clean air fire fighting foam causes no damage. When the fire is over, the foam evaporates making it environmentally safe. Additional advantages are smoke reduction by 75% or more. Unburned airborne black hydrocarbons are turned white, increasing visibility up to 75%. The natural consequences of these advantages are combustible vapor reduction which reduces dangerous reignition and smoke inhalation.

Our fire extinguishers are rated for all class A and B fires.